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Pantai Lhoknga Banda Aceh

Pantai Lhoknga Banda Aceh. Lhoknga beach in Banda Aceh, the distance is only 20 km from the city of Banda Aceh, rather the region of PT. Semen Andalas Indonesia. Before stunami hit Aceh in 2004, the beach area is quite give the feel of natural attractions and beautiful beaches. Many shade trees, especially coconut trees that grow lined and lush provide coolness, as well as evergreen trees or aron. White sand beach with few rocks that reflects the blue color of the sea as if an aquarium because it appeared the fish are colorful. A row of food vendors and beverage under the green trees and mountains adjacent to the sea, simply complete the beach as a natural tourist attraction. Many local and foreign tourists every day visit the country or some people stopped to rest for a while to continue the journey to south-west coast.

Masjid Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh

Masjid Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh. This mosque is the only building remaining and intact when the tsunami hit Banda Aceh a few years ago, almost all the buildings surrounding the mosque was razed to the ground, remaining intact are the mosques of this, but if we look at where the mosque is not far from waterfront.

Peutjoet Kerkoff

Peutjoet Kerkoff. Gate Peutjoet Kerkoff. Kerkoff word comes from the Dutch language, which means the grave, while the word Peutjoet or origin of the word of Pocut the favorite son of Sultan Iskandar Muda is punished by his own father (Sultan Iskandar Muda) for committing a fatal mistake and was buried in the midst of this graveyard . At the gate of the tomb wall reliefs are written the names of Dutch soldiers who died in battle with the people of Aceh (each relief there were 30 combat zones, such as in Sigli, Moekim, Tjot Basetoel, Lambari en Teunom, Cage, Toeanko, Lambesoi, Koewala, Tjot Rang - Pajaoe, Lepong Ara, The Coral - Dango, and Samalanga), and the soldiers died years (1873-1910). Approximately 2200 Dutch troops, including 4 generals since the year 1883 and 1940 were buried here. Among the Dutch soldiers are there some names Marsose soldiers from Ambon, Manado and Java. The soldiers who came from Java Marsose marked with the identity IF (inlander fuselier) behind his name, soldiers from Ambon to mark Amb, soldiers from Manado with MND signs, and Dutch soldiers with an EF / F. Art.Wisata Indonesia Paradise

Makam Sultan Iskandar Muda

Makam Sultan Iskandar Muda. Sultan Iskandar Muda was an emperor of the largest in the Sultanate of Aceh, Aceh reached prominence in the leadership of Sultan Iskandar Muda, where an increasingly large territory and an international reputation as a center of trade and learning from the ancestral mother, Iskandar Muda is a descendant of King Dar al-Kamal, and of the ancestral father is a descendant of the royal family of natural crown. Darul Kamal and crown-Alam said the former are the two neighboring settlements (which are separated by rivers) and the combination is the origin of Aceh Darussalam. Iskandar Muda alone represents the second branch, which was fully entitled to claim the throne. His mother, named Princess Raja Indra Nations, which also named Majesty Shah Alam, was the son of Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah, Sultan of Aceh to-10, where the sultan is the son of Sultan Shah's Word, and Word Sultan Shah was the son or grandson (according Djajadiningrat ) Sultan Inayat Shah, King of Darul-Kamal.

Gunongan Aceh

Gunongan Aceh. One of the historic buildings of cultural heritage value of history and still we can see in one piece is the structure's history complete with garden juice. Structure's history is located in downtown Banda Aceh, precisely located at the Village Sukaramai, Baiturahman District, City of Banda Aceh. This location can be reached by using a motor vehicle or public transportation by road Teuku Umar. Taman Sari structure's history is one of the relics of the glory of the Kingdom of Aceh, after the palace (in) are not saved because the Dutch invaded Aceh.

Taman Sari structure's history open to the public, which is open from 7:00 to 18:00 hours GMT. In Khop Pinto, who was not far from the structure's history, there is a children's playground, so the place is crowded, especially in the afternoon or holidays. In Taman Sari there are also offices of Preservation of Historical and Archaeological Heritage which manages the building, historic sites in the province of Aceh and Sumatra.

Structure's history was built during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda who ruled in 1607-1636. At that time, in 1613 and in 1615 through the attack with 20,000 troops in Aceh expedition strength sea and land, Sultan Iskandar Muda succeed to conquer the kingdom of Johor and Pahang in the Kingdom of the North Malay Peninsula. As is tradition in ancient times, royal who lost the war must submit glondong pengareng-areng (spoils of war), an annual tribute and taxes. In addition, also must submit to the royal princess carried off as a sign of submission. Princess boyongan it usually diperistri by the king in order to tighten the brotherhood of the kingdom are conquered, so that the royal winner becomes bigger and the stronger position and power.

The conquest of the kingdom of Johor and Pahang in Peninsular Malay kingdom greatly affect self-Iskandar Muda. Boyongan Princess of Pahang which is very pretty his face and make polite Sultan Iskandar Muda fall in love and make it as empress. For the sake of his love for a very large, Sultan Iskandar Muda empress was willing to meet the demand to build a sari is very beautiful park, complete with the structure's history as a place to entertain myself longing for the consort to the atmosphere of the mountains in their places of origin are fulfilled. Apart from being a place of frolic, structure's history is also used as a place to change clothes after bathing in the river empress flowing in the middle of the palace

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Pinto Khop

Pinto Khop. Pinto Khop is building a door that was built in the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda, Pinto Khop is a connecting door between the Palace and Park Putroe Phang. Khop Pinto is a dome-shaped gate. The door is a place to rest Khop Princess Phang, after tired to swim, not far from the structure's history, there the lady's maid to wash your hair the consort. There are also a pool for the consort flower bath. Also on the ground by the Emperor built a library and became the consort and the Sultan's place to spend time with a book after swimming, shampooing and bathing interest.

Masjid Raya Baiturrahman

Masjid Raya Baiturrahman. Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is a magnificent mosque in the center of Banda Aceh. This mosque is a mosque used to be the Sultanate of Aceh. When the Dutch attacked the city of Banda Aceh in 1873, this mosque was burned, then in 1875 the Dutch rebuilt a mosque instead. This single domed mosque and can be completed on December 27, 1883. Next Mosque is being expanded to 3 dome in 1935. Last expanded again to 5 dome (1959-1968). This mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia, which has a very good shape, carving an attractive, large yard and feels very cool when we were in the room mosque.

Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh. City of Banda Aceh is one of the cities in Indonesia as well as the capital of Aceh, Indonesia. Formerly this town named Kutaraja, then since December 28, 1962 its name was changed to Banda Aceh. As the central government, Banda Aceh became the center of all economic activity, political, social and cultural. Cities that have been aged 802 this year - according to the Aceh Provincial Regulation No. 5 of 1988, dated 22 April 1205 set as the date of the existence of the city. Cheng Ho had a stopover in Banda Aceh on his first expedition. On December 26, 2004, Banda Aceh was hit by tsunami tidal waves caused by an earthquake 9.2 on the Richter Scale in the Indonesian Ocean. This disaster claimed hundreds of thousands of lives the people of Banda Aceh and destroyed more than 60% of the buildings of this city. Up to now not known how many would the people of Banda Aceh after the tsunami.

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Visit Banda Aceh 2011

Visit Banda Aceh 2011. "Visit Banda Aceh Year 2011 something very strategically to attract tourists to visit Banda Aceh. boasts a brilliant initiative once. The effort of all stakeholders and build partnerships need to be done to realize the city of Banda Aceh Bandar Islamic Tourism. Banda Aceh is one leading destinations. Five things that make it superior is the charming natural beauty, unique culture that has incredible, the people of Aceh are very open and friendly, distinctive and tantalizing culinary tastes, and values, values which uphold.

Aceh Tourism

Aceh Tourism. Banda Aceh is ready to become one of the destinations Indonedia World even in 2011. By launching the Visit Banda Aceh Year 2011, most of the supporting infrastructure improvements have been completed. Visit Banda Aceh Year 2011 will be launched nationwide in Jakarta October 19. While the grand launching at the Stadium Dimoertala, Banda Aceh, January 2, 2011. Mayor of Banda Aceh, mawardy Nurdin, said that through the visit Banda Aceh, 2011, they targeted 400 thousand tourists. Throughout 2011 they will host the international event-standard customary and cultural creations of Aceh to invite the tourists to come to Banda Aceh. One of the main object of Banda Aceh to lure the tourists is a very famous tsunami sites, which are unique and can not be found in other areas. One of them is meseum tsunami which consists of three floors (each floor area of 2,500 square meters), showing a number of objects and replicas depicting the 2004 tsunami that killed 260 thousand people.