Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Aceh Tourism

Aceh Tourism. Banda Aceh is ready to become one of the destinations Indonedia World even in 2011. By launching the Visit Banda Aceh Year 2011, most of the supporting infrastructure improvements have been completed. Visit Banda Aceh Year 2011 will be launched nationwide in Jakarta October 19. While the grand launching at the Stadium Dimoertala, Banda Aceh, January 2, 2011. Mayor of Banda Aceh, mawardy Nurdin, said that through the visit Banda Aceh, 2011, they targeted 400 thousand tourists. Throughout 2011 they will host the international event-standard customary and cultural creations of Aceh to invite the tourists to come to Banda Aceh. One of the main object of Banda Aceh to lure the tourists is a very famous tsunami sites, which are unique and can not be found in other areas. One of them is meseum tsunami which consists of three floors (each floor area of 2,500 square meters), showing a number of objects and replicas depicting the 2004 tsunami that killed 260 thousand people.

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