Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Peutjoet Kerkoff

Peutjoet Kerkoff. Gate Peutjoet Kerkoff. Kerkoff word comes from the Dutch language, which means the grave, while the word Peutjoet or origin of the word of Pocut the favorite son of Sultan Iskandar Muda is punished by his own father (Sultan Iskandar Muda) for committing a fatal mistake and was buried in the midst of this graveyard . At the gate of the tomb wall reliefs are written the names of Dutch soldiers who died in battle with the people of Aceh (each relief there were 30 combat zones, such as in Sigli, Moekim, Tjot Basetoel, Lambari en Teunom, Cage, Toeanko, Lambesoi, Koewala, Tjot Rang - Pajaoe, Lepong Ara, The Coral - Dango, and Samalanga), and the soldiers died years (1873-1910). Approximately 2200 Dutch troops, including 4 generals since the year 1883 and 1940 were buried here. Among the Dutch soldiers are there some names Marsose soldiers from Ambon, Manado and Java. The soldiers who came from Java Marsose marked with the identity IF (inlander fuselier) behind his name, soldiers from Ambon to mark Amb, soldiers from Manado with MND signs, and Dutch soldiers with an EF / F. Art.Wisata Indonesia Paradise

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